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Stranger's Almanac

talking to you girl is like long division

10 October
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1984, a cappella music, all things considered, alt country, andy pettitte, anticipation, asking questions, atheism, autumn, ayn rand, barbara kingsolver, bath and body works, billie holiday, billy collins, black, black and white, blue, books, bookstores, bridgeport bluefish, buffy the vampire slayer, candles, cape cod, cheap wine, cheesecake, chilly weather, church bells, cinema paradiso, civil rights, clean sheets, coffee, connecticut, copy editing, counting crows, creamed spinach, dark chocolate, dawson's creek, diners, dining out, documentaries, driving and crying, edna st. vincent millay, ella fitzgerald, facts, feminism, field trips, flip flops, foreign films, gay rights, girlyman, googling, grammar, grey, hanging indents, hank rearden, harmonizing, harry potter, hating tuesdays, herbal tea, history, iced tea, incense, independent films, indigo girls, ira glass, libraries, literature, mornings, mount everest, movie trailers, museums, music, musicals, my so-called life, national spelling bee, new england, new york city, news, npr, nyc subways, objectivism, pad thai, peace and quiet, people watching, philosophy, poetry, postcards, proactiv, proofreading, publishing, reading, rilo kiley, rock and roll, romanticizing, rome, ryan adams, sad songs, separation-of-church-and-state, september, short poems, silver jewelry, singing along, sleez sister voodoo, solitude, spike, stella artois, subtlety, sweaters, taking highly amateur photographs, the great indoors, the new york times, the number 8, this american life, travel, vintage posters, vocal jazz, walking quickly, weird news, wfuv, whiskeytown, white noise, wikipedia, wnyc, writing, wshu, yoga